Building Equity into Your Employee Health Plan Design


Over half (63%) of 675 respondents in Nonprofit HR’s 2021 Nonprofit Diversity Practices Survey indicated that their organizations have made adjustments to prioritize/reprioritize diversity objectives, programs and/or initiatives. While compensation equity remains a focal point for employers, turning to employee health benefits as a tool to tackle health equity also came to the forefront.

Download this executive guide, co-published by Nonprofit HR & Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. to understand:

  • Why health equity is a foundational pillar for correcting pervasive inequities and eliminating disparities;
  • How leaders can take deliberate and intentional steps to address health inequity within their own organization;
  • How to redesign your health plan with first-dollar coverage and save money on premiums; and
  • Immediate employer recommendations in four health benefits topic areas: education, health benefits coverage, planning and partnerships.

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Also, access this additional guide co-published by Nonprofit HR and Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. on Why Every CEO Needs to Create a Healthcare Purchasing Committee







Learn best practices to establishing, implementing and coordinating equitable health benefits.

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Webinar Recording: Championing Health Equity Within Your Organization

In collaboration with Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc., Nonprofit HR hosted a special conversation about how employee health benefits, when viewed through a lens of equity, can positively impact employee recruitment and retention, and also employee productivity and engagement.

Tune in to hear Lisa Brown Alexander, Nonprofit HR President & CEO, and David Sloves, CEO of Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. discuss:

  • Why leadership should care and champion health equity internally and among peers;
  • How health equity impacts nonprofit organizations and why the social sector employers should attempt to exceed the health benefits status quos;
  • Why quality affordable healthcare is critical to recruiting and retaining staff; and
  • How an organization’s approach to its employer-sponsored health insurance plan design can reflect and also impact its values and mission performance

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Learn more about equity in your total rewards program on our blog:

“Equity and total rewards are functions within organizations that are often overlooked as areas of opportunity. McAfee notes that within these areas is compensation itself. ‘Organizations need to make sure that their definition of equity includes upskilling and investing in talent so that their people can continue to do their jobs. Leaders choosing to be accountable and having the courage to lean on that will make a difference in the emerging economy.'”

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Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc.’s mission is to ensure that employers and employees can access and maintain affordable health insurance coverage. Nonstop does this by changing the way employee health insurance is designed, purchased and delivered to employees with Nonstop Wellness, a health insurance program available to employers with more than 50 employees on benefits. Nonstop Wellness combines the cost control of a self-funded plan with the financial predictability of a fully-funded plan, decreasing the annual cost of employee health insurance without requiring a change of medical carrier or benefits advisor. Nonstop Wellness also promotes access to primary care through robust first dollar coverage plan design, reducing or eliminating upfront copays and deductibles to ensure that all employees have equitable access to high-quality health benefits coverage. Learn more:

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