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Big Data is a growing buzzword in the recruiting world. Especially in the world associated with executive search. Large organizations with lots of cash have begun to internalize their executive searches by utilizing Big Data.

Krista Bradford explains.

I personally have always been kinda of skeptical about how crunching numbers can deliver a candidate that is a cultural fit to an organization. But with books and movies like Moneyball showing real world returns, we cannot any longer ignore its possibilities.

Other industries have also shown that matches can be found in the data. Take a look at a recent article in The Atlantic Magazine about Internet dating websites. Dating websites are incredibly successful and have success rates in the 90th percentile on finding matches.

It’s all done with data. And now it appears that organizations with the means will now use it to find executives that will stay and prosper.

What does this mean for HR, recruiters and executive search firms? Will they go the way of baseball scouts?

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