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The People byAssociation Conferene is organized by the New Zealand Association Resource Centre Trust (NZARCT). NZARCT is a New Zealand based nonprofit that provides educational programs, resources, connections and products to other nonprofit organizations.

“Part of our conference strategy is to identify talented individuals from outside of New Zealand who we think will be able to add real value for our delegates locally,” said NZARCT Board Trustee, Rosemarie Dawson.

“Lisa comes to our shores with a wealth of information and experience in the field of Human Resources Management. We have already received interest in her visit from a number of our own nonprofit special interest groups and hope that she can learn as much from us as we can from her.”

Morton views the trip as a unique opportunity to see how nonprofits outside the United States handle similar challenges seen by US-based organizations.

“Being approached by Rosemarie and her team to address the New Zealand nonprofit sector is a huge opportunity for me personally and professionally,” commented Morton. “I’ll be able to see how they approach recruitment, strategic planning, retention and other human resources functions. I expect to see approaches that we in the US have never considered. I plan on soaking it all up.”

Morton also hopes to provide her fellows in New Zealand as much as they will likely provide her.

“My goal is to impart the best of US-based HR practices within the nonprofit sector,” said Morton.  “We have the opportunity to share what works and we also have the opportunity to learn what is working in New Zealand and implement those things here.”

To allow her US-based partners, clients and colleagues to also learn from her New Zealand experience, Morton will be maintaining a travel blog during the trip. That blog can be followed at nphr1400.wpengine.com/blog this June.

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