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Register Now: The 2018 Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit

Forbes Names 2018 Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit a ‘Must-Attend Nonprofit Conference

“Finding the best people to join and stay with your nonprofit is a competitive advantage and is easier thanks to this conference” – Gloria Horsley, Forbes contributing editor

Now, more than ever, the world needs the change that only your team can drive. Get actionable ideas for attracting, developing, retaining and maximizing the impact of top talent so your nonprofit can advance its mission. Register now to attend the Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit April 18th – 20th in Washington, D.C.

Just Released: The 2018 Talent Management Priorities Survey

We surveyed over 350 nonprofit leaders like you from around the country about their talent management priorities and the results are in.

With our 2018 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities survey, we found that:

  • About half of nonprofit organizations have a dedicated human resources team, or at least one member on staff solely responsible for HR.
  • Diversity is top of mind for many organizations. Sixty one percent of nonprofits plan to prioritize attracting and hiring diverse talent or building a diverse and inclusive workplace this year.
  • Small and medium nonprofits indicate that limited capacity is a primary obstacle, while larger organizations are more likely to note dysfunctional or unengaged leadership as their primary obstacle to realizing their talent priorities.

Access our interactive data portal or infographic to see the full results and read more about how organizational talent management priorities will impact the sector as a whole in 2018.

Pay, Power, Privilege: Gender Equity in the Social Sector

In celebration of Women’s History Month in March, we invite you to join Nonprofit HR for a critical conversation on “Pay, Power, Privilege: Gender Equity in the Social Sector.” This event will focus on how gender inequity issues like wage gaps and power imbalances are affecting nonprofits, as well as steps leaders can take to champion gender equity both at their organizations, and within society at large.

Hear from prominent social sector CEOs, thought leaders and gender advocates, and gain valuable insight into what women and men of all levels, from executive assistants to executive directors, can do to better address issues related to gender and power.

Seats are limited. Reserve your spot now!

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    Using HR Metrics for Nonprofit Strategy and Planning

    HR metrics––also commonly referred to as an HR scorecard or dashboard, workforce and compliance statistics, key performance indicators (KPIs) or HR analytics––allow your organization to gather information from the past and present to forecast the future. These metrics can add strategic value to leadership decision-making by measuring the cost...
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    Accelerating Nonprofit Board Diversity

    We recently discussed the issue of elitism in social sector leadership and proposed a few potential solutions. However, this problem isn’t exclusive to leadership staff; the vast majority of nonprofit organizations lack diversity on their boards as well. That is especially concerning because developing a diverse leadership team, recruiting...
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    Preventing Workplace Harassment & Protecting Victims at Your Nonprofit

    National news organization NPR recently found itself in the midst of a crisis as the outlet’s top news executive was forced to resign due to sexual harassment claims, proving that even the social sector is not immune to harassment scandals. And at nonprofit organizations, the fallout from harassment might...

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