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As businesses search for new ways to innovate and set themselves apart from their competition, workplace culture has increasingly become a source of change in recent years. Leaders are now aware that minor strategic revisions can often result in significant opportunities for growth. While there is no single method or approach that can meet the needs of every business, there are certain attributes that are universally beneficial.

In a piece recently published by TLNT, Michelle M. Smith utilizes research completed by Drs. Kevin and Jackie Freiberg in order to create a list of initiatives to transform workplace culture. While these strategies are all useful when executed carefully, passion clearly is a prerequisite for success: “Culture change requires a unique combination of passion, courage, conviction, audacity, and determination…Surround yourself with people who are as passionate about the new vision as you are and are willing to stand up to the heat.” Change and passion go hand in hand, at both an individual and group level. Your entire team must be motivated and driven to transform the workplace culture.

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Rewards are also a key component of a successful strategy to transform an organization’s culture. According to Smith, businesses should pay close attention to the performance of their employees and identify specific acts or demeanors that align with the intended change in culture: “Re-engineer the reward system to reinforce the behaviors you want… You get what you measure and reward.” Positive reinforcement promotes constructive behaviors and will ultimately ease the entire transformation process. Rewards are a simple and cost effective way of encouraging innovation.

Although a single strategy cannot address the needs of every business seeking a change in workplace culture, passion and rewards are essential to achieving success. These core components are integral to successful transformation.

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