January 15, 2020Atokatha Ashmond Brew



New Nonprofit Survey Data Reveals Current Talent Management Practices


WASHINGTON, D.C., January 15, 2020 – 85% of Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities survey respondents indicate that their nonprofit is prioritizing culture and engagement in 2020. Respondents, including nonprofits based in the United States and Canada, indicate their organizations are tackling multiple practices as it relates to culture and engagement. Leading priorities identified include assessing organizational culture; developing an employee retention/engagement strategy, programs and/or initiatives; and implementing an employee retention/engagement strategy, programs and/or initiatives. The survey, conducted annually, assesses what nonprofit organizations are focused on regarding their people. It also captures sector-wide challenges in attracting, developing and retaining staff, among other HR practices. Hundreds of organizations have contributed to this survey in the past.

“Studies continue to confirm the benefits of a healthy, engaged culture. These preliminary results tell us that nonprofits are taking proactive steps in this key area of talent management. Engaged employees are proven to continuously outperform those who are disengaged. All-around, this is a promising development.” said Lisa Brown Alexander, Nonprofit HR President and CEO

Results from the survey will be shared with the public February 2020. Press seeking interviews regarding survey data and findings may email Senior Director for Client Marketing and Strategic Communication, Atokatha Ashmond Brew at 

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