Position Overview

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Deputy Director will assist the Executive Director with the internal, day-to-day management of the organization. The Deputy Director is responsible for creating and maintaining systems and structures for good governance, human resources, equity and inclusion, performance management, and accountability. The Deputy Director plays a key role in fostering an organizational climate committed to continual improvement and equity and inclusion. The Deputy Director is a member of the management team and will work with the Executive Director to lead our strategic and annual planning processes.

Core Accountabilities

Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Organizational Culture

  • Create and maintain strong systems for internal communication and inclusive decision-making.
  • Structure and lead our strategic planning and annual work planning processes.
  • Coordinate periodic progress-to-goals evaluations of annual and strategic plans.
  • Help create a culture of ongoing learning and improvement through trainings on management and other best practices.
  • Identify and onboard technology that improves intra-office collaboration.
  • Help create a culture whereby giving and receiving feedback is an established norm.
  • Help improve internal meeting culture, by refining meeting agendas and structures, and holding the team accountable for new meeting norms.

Human Resources and Team Management

  • Work with staff to build a culture of belonging across the organization.
  • Lead efforts to retain affiliate staff, regularly assessing staff satisfaction and professional development, and proposing improvements that will enhance satisfaction and retention.
  • Lead efforts to cultivate and sustain an affiliate that is equitable and inclusive in all aspects, including human resources, programmatic priorities, presence in the community, and messaging.
  • Oversee recruitment and hiring process to ensure consistency and equity across departments.
  • Review and recommend compensation strategies within the organization’s philosophies and strategies for new hires, promotions, transfers, and equity/merit adjustments.
  • In consultation with the Executive Director and members of the Management Team, develop policies to govern the internal functions and management of the organization.
  • Maintain the affiliate Employee Handbook, ensuring that personnel and administrative policies are updated as necessary, and monitor all affiliate activities for compliance with the handbook, as well as any relevant local, state, or federal requirements.
  • Help assist in periodic compliance projects organizing compliance trainings for staff and identifying compliance gaps.
  • Advance meaningful professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Help to standardize and oversee the procurement process.
  • Collaborate with the ACLU National office on nationwide opportunities and programs for improving office operations, HR, conflict resolution, management, professional development, IT and related topics.
  • Supervise operations team of two full-time staff.
  • Serve as leadership backup to the Executive Director and participate in internal meetings with the ED.

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