About Majority Action:

Majority Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering shareholders of all sizes to hold corporations and their leaders accountable to high  standards of long-term value creation, corporate  governance, and social responsibility.

Our campaigns expose harmful corporate  governance and behavior, catalyze investor  and public action, and confront the minority who make corporate abuses possible to defend the long-term financial, environmental, and social interests of the majority. We do this by weaving together  investigative research, institutional investor engagement, strategic communications, and grassroots partnerships into integrated strategic campaigns.

While Majority Action is not a traditional membership-based organization; the team works in close partnership with grassroots organizations. We work together  to develop strategies and execute tactics that support everyday people making their power felt in corporate boardrooms. Learn more at www.majorityaction.us.

Majority Action staff collectively believes that transformational change is possible, and that achieving such change requires tenacity, creativity, rigor, and collaboration. We strive to balance strategic pragmatism to advance campaigns with the courage to challenge ideas and systems that undermine sustainability, equity, and justice.

Our team values:

  • Integrity in our relationships
  • Asking hard questions, and adapting based on what we learn
  • Excellence in our work
  • Nimbleness and strategic flexibility in the face of challenge
  • Deep, equitable, and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Working with awareness of and respect for our needs

Responsibilities of this role:

  • Reimagine ways to fundamentally transform the conversation on corporate accountability
  • Create measurable results by owning Majority Action’s organizational communications strategy and execution across platforms, in partnership with their agency of record
  • Develop clear and consistent messaging across platforms that reframes the debate and creates  the conditions for winning campaigns
  • Foster a culture of storytelling by building strong, trusting relationships with teammates and movement partners
  • Develop systems and guidelines that enable rapid response while protecting the organization from legal and reputational risks
  • Craft, edit, and proofread content to accurately reflect the voice and tone of the organization
  • Build relationships to leverage the expertise of team members and strategic partners to produce concise and effective content – including reports, op-eds, email blasts, press releases, and social media posts

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