JOURNEY (https://www.journeytolead.org/) is a nonprofit, launched in 2022, uniquely designed to accelerate the diversity and trajectory of women in private sector leadership. JOURNEY brings together rigorously selected classes of high-potential female leaders who are working to solve the world’s most pressing challenges (JOURNEY Fellows) with prominent mission-driven impact makers already at the top (JOURNEY Champions).


Nina Easton and Pattie Sellers, who built the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summits around the world, co-founded JOURNEY with a belief that women leadership programs have failed to fuel adequate progress in getting diverse women to the top. The root of this failure is not a supply problem: Diverse female innovators and builders are out there, but they lack the essential access, connections, and guidance to excel and scale. By convening top leaders and emerging superstars in private settings, JOURNEY creates profound connections and, over time, a multiplier effect that will lift more women to top-level leadership. JOURNEY has retained Impact Search Advisors by Nonprofit HR to champion this search for a Director of Operations and Special Events.


JOURNEY is looking for a dynamic Director of Operations and Special Events to develop and execute thoughtful, ambitious strategies while ensuring operational excellence. The Director’s initial focus will be to keep the momentum going from JOURNEY’s successful inaugural kickoff retreat this past May, plan and execute monthly virtual and live events throughout each JOURNEY year, and manage the Fellows annual program. Equally important, the Director will manage recruitment and selection processes for JOURNEY Fellows, improve on processes to recruit the next cohort, and develop ideas for JOURNEY’s future growth. The Director will be an active, strategic voice in all meetings involving key stakeholders, including the JOURNEY community, potential partners, and 501(c)3 donors. The Director will also develop methods and content to communicate effectively with JOURNEY stakeholders—keeping them connected, informed, and supported with needed resources. The Director will  assist in the development of the annual report, in accordance with 501(c)3 legal requirements, for the JOURNEY board of directors, manage and develop the annual budget, formalize metrics to track progress, and regularly evaluate program components. In addition, the Director will oversee the JOURNEY website.

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DEI PracticeOur Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Nonprofit HR is committed to fostering and maintaining a work environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are fully integrated into everything we do for the benefit of our employees and the clients that we serve. To fully realize our goal, we prioritize our understanding of the complexities of DEI within our workforce to inform our approach to talent management. We believe that this guides how we do our work, advise our clients to operationalize DEI and position our content and educational opportunities to help strengthen the talent management capacity of the social impact sector. See the full statement.