From inclusive workforce planning to equity in total rewards, the REALITIES webinar series delivers superior professional development at the click of a button! Topics for the monthly series are driven by priorities that nonprofits have reported to us and each is addressed through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging practices in talent management.

Each month, live webinars are recorded and archived for convenient on-demand access and we are happy to share them with you as they become available! Please refer to the list below, access the growing library of video presentations, and watch the ones that appeal to you. You will also be able to access slides and other relevant materials!

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NEW BONUS RESOURCE: 2020 Nonprofit Diversity Practices Survey Results Overview Webinar

For the second consecutive year, Nonprofit HR surveyed nonprofits in North America about their diversity efforts and collected data from for-profit social enterprises for the first time. As a leading talent management firm in the social impact sector for more than 20 years, we have worked with thousands of organizations to help advance their missions through their most important asset, their people.

Employee Engagement & Belonging Practices in Nonprofits

How high on the scale would your employees rank their sense of belonging in your organization? It is not enough to assume that your employees feel connected and like they belong at work. The third-highest driver for voluntary turnover in organizations, 26.2%, was dissatisfaction and disengagement with current organizational culture according to Nonprofit HR’s 2019 Retention…


Equity in Total Rewards Practices in Nonprofits 

When was your organization’s last compensation review, and was it reactionary or strategically developed to create a more equitable workforce? The 2019 Diversity Practices Survey revealed that only 16% of respondents track pay gaps through the lenses of equity and diversity. Additionally, only 9% said their organizations changed their total rewards practices to realize greater diversity…


Talent Attraction & Diverse Recruitment Practices in Nonprofits

The 2020 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey revealed that 45% of respondents are prioritizing “attracting and hiring diverse talent” this year, across all demographics including race. But what will social-impact organizations need to look like to the “woke” jobseeker? And, will nonprofits be able to reflect the cultures of diversity…


Inclusive Workforce Planning & Diversity Practices in Nonprofits

Strategic workforce planning connects HR strategy to overall organizational strategy. It ensures that social impact organizations have the right people in the right place at the right time. However, only 5% of 2019 Nonprofit Diversity Practices Survey respondents initiated a diversity strategy due to less than optimal organization performance…


Race Diversity Practices in Nonprofits

Are you struggling with discussions about how race, racism and racial equity show up in your workplace? You’re not alone. Nationwide, the civil unrest and renewed demands for racial equality have created new opportunities for organizations to thoroughly assess their approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging…


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