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In my capacity as CEO of Nonprofit HR, I’ve had the privilege of leading a team that predominantly works remotely, composed chiefly of experts in talent management and business operations. These years have been a profound journey, marked by our team members sharing their personal experiences. Their stories, encompassing the delicate balance between professional responsibilities and family life, have been enlightening and deeply moving. These narratives have been not only learning opportunities for us as an organization but also heartwarming illustrations of the evolving concept of work-life integration.

As the year winds down, the significance of maintaining a connection with our team becomes even more pronounced, particularly during the holiday season, which can stir a mix of emotions. For us at Nonprofit HR, the well-being of our team is paramount, transcending beyond professional achievements to encompass holistic support for each other during these unprecedented times.

Our organization was predominantly remote even before the pandemic. Over the past 23 years, we’ve had the honor of working intimately with various nonprofits. The pandemic, however, compelled us to take significant steps to support our employees in their homes and preserve our values-driven culture. This transition was more than just about adapting to remote work, it was about building a strong support network and adapting our communication methods to sustain our community spirit.

Now, at the cusp of 2024, as I reflect on the past year, I wish to share some insights with my fellow CEOs and leaders. It’s crucial to acknowledge the progress your team and you, personally, have made. It’s time to communicate the successes and lessons of this transformative year. Looking forward, our focus should be on applying these insights to shape the year ahead, ensuring clear communication about future goals and strategies, which is particularly vital in a virtual environment where connections rely on intentional and transparent interactions.

In leadership, prioritizing wellness and self-care is essential. This period offers an opportunity for introspection, not just professionally, but personally. Questions like how we have shown up in our roles, the effectiveness of our leadership and what changes we can implement are crucial. The answers will guide our ongoing commitment to adapt and grow, aligning our leadership and teams with the evolving landscape.

These past years have underscored the importance of agility, empathy and resilience like never before. This era demands a flexible, compassionate and forward-thinking mindset. Together, as a virtual team, we’re navigating these uncharted waters, balancing family life with professional excellence. Let’s carry forward the lessons of 2023 with optimism and a collective commitment to growth, qualities that are pivotal in our business approach and our support for each other.

As we step into 2024, I am contemplating new “words of power” to guide us, ensuring our unwavering commitment to a culture where professional excellence and personal well-being are in harmony. I look forward to sharing these words and hearing yours too. Here’s to a reflective, rejuvenating season, and to the insights that the winter holidays will bring.

Lisa Brown Alexander
Founder & CEO
Nonprofit HR

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