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Leaders from 635 mission-driven organizations in the U.S., Canada and Australia responded to the Nonprofit Return to Workplace Pulse Survey and shared insights on progress, concerns and lessons learned from implemented return-to-workplace and work-from-home plans. The responses point to several critical findings, most notably that more than half of respondent organizations are considering future remote work options for any position that accommodates remote work. What is also clear is that nonprofits have been able to shift and sustain their talent management priorities during the pandemic and create new efficiencies to sustain and grow impact.

The results shared in this publication add credence to the notions that the nonprofit sector is filled with agile, well-run, growing and mature organizations and that their ability to create and capitalize on operational efficiencies has helped them navigate these uncertain times. Whether in organizations’ traditional workplaces, shared workspaces, coffee shops or the kitchen table of homes, where work gets done in a post-pandemic world is less important than in prior decades. This infographic also includes the summary results of plans and steps taken to ensure uninterrupted service delivery to millions across communities served.

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Webinar Recording: Return to Workplace Pulse Survey Overview

Nonprofit Return to workplace pulse survey With over 300 million COVID-19 vaccinations administered, many organizations that transitioned to virtual and in-home workspaces are beginning to return their daily operations to physical workplaces. Each organization’s plans to safely return employees to physical workplaces are unique to their needs, mission and geography. Tune in to this recording of the Return to Workplace Pulse Survey Overview webinar during which we will explore the findings of this survey. You will walk away with insights on:

  • Primary reasons why organizations decided to return to the workplace
  • Critical organizational concerns on maintaining or planning to implement a partially virtual workforce strategy
  • Safety parameters organizations did, or will, implement to support return-to-workplace plans
  • How successful remote work has been for organizations

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