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As HR professionals, how tuned in are you to what your employees think and feel about our organization? A new study by Kenexa set out to answer the question how tuned in is HR  to what employees think and feel about the organization by asking the same questions of both HR professionals and employees around attitudes and engagement. The results are disconcerting. Gaps exist between employees and employer perceptions across a variety of topics from benefits to retention.

The study by Kenexa shows:

  • 69 percent of employers believe employees are engaged, while only 34 percent of employees claim to be
  • 81 percent of HR professionals think employees would recommend the organization to a friend. Only 38 percent actually would
  • 71 percent of HR professionals think the organization has fair benefits while only 48 percent of employees agree with this statement
  • 53 percent of HR professionals think they provide fair compensation compared to only 30 percent of employees
  • 83 percent of HR professionals think their employees plan to stay for the next year. 41 percent of employees agree with this statement

These gaps should not exist. Organizations need to field annual employee engagement studies, and then actually read and act on the results. There is plenty of data out there that shows that the competition for top talent is on the rise. Gaps like those shown in this study are a sure fire way to lose your top performers.

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