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Next week on the fourth Thursday in April is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work a nationwide event created by Ms. Foundation for Women. By participating in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day employers are introducing girls and boys to the workplace of their future and encouraging them to start thinking now about how their career-related dreams can be achieved.

The Ms. Foundation started the program in 1993 and recommends it for girls and boys 8-18. But employers may be designed their program for whatever age range they wish.

The Ms. Foundation offers these tips to help make your program and day a success:

  • Create a planning committee.
  • Keep activities between 45 and 55 minutes in length.
  • Consider adopting a group of girls and boys from a local school, public housing authority, shelter, Big Brother/Big Sister chapters, Girl/Boy Scout Troop, etc.
  • Introduce children to technology.
  • Keep children safe.

The Ms. Foundation has comprehensive resources to assist employers with planning their Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day activities. See the official web site has great tips for getting started, gift ideas, and workplace coordinator resources—including an organizer’s toolkit. The theme for 2013 is “Work in Progress”.

If your nonprofit is planning a program related to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work 2013, please share your program and any photos with us. We’d love to show how nonprofits are introducing their children to the many wonderful career opportunities that exist within the nonprofit sector. 

Below are some links with more information about this wonderful workplace program:

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