Mimi Asfaw
Team Leader & Senior Consultant, Recruitment Outsourcing, Impact Search Advisors by Nonprofit HR
Direct: 202.266.2524 ext 524

A Team Leader & Senior Consultant on the Recruitment Outsourcing team of Impact Search Advisors by Nonprofit HR, Getenesh Mimi Asfaw attributes her success to strong leadership skills, an enthusiastic work ethic and an unwavering passion for helping businesses achieve success through having the right members on their team. With over 18 years of experience as an extraordinarily successful recruiting professional, Mimi has differentiated herself with a 98% placement ratio, while providing full lifecycle permanent recruitment for healthcare, administrative, IT, accounting and finance, legal, and call center professionals. Over the years, her clients have remained loyal and dedicated, allowing her to establish a longstanding influence on the HR recruiting and management industry.

In addition to running her own consulting firm, Mimi served as the Vice President and Partner for a startup staffing agency. She identified and secured the best talent, based on the clients’ objectives. As Director of Placement Services at a national staffing agency, she developed long-term business relationships and established multiple new business relationships that helped the company gain over $5.8 million in gross sales. Not only has Mimi been a consistent top ten producer, but she has also accumulated over $15 million in gross profit for her former employers. Throughout the pandemic, she worked with a well-known healthcare insurance company to recruit over 75 remote call-center representatives across three states. Additionally, her role as an Operations Manager for AT&T allowed Mimi to find a passion that led her to Trans World Airlines (TWA). There, she established herself as a rainmaker within the airlines industry before going on to manage the Homeland Security 911 Project, where she oversaw the hiring of over 50,000 screeners statewide within a matter of six months.

Mimi attended Montgomery College for pre-medicine and the University of Maryland as a microbiology major, and then Dale Carnegie for a certification program in leadership management training. Being the daughter of a U.S. Army Colonel and a successful entrepreneur, Mimi is a huge veteran’s advocate and volunteers to support people without homes.