Sophia LaFontant
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Direct: 202.644.7458

As Talent Acquisition Consultant, Sophia LaFontant, finds the best and brightest candidates to fulfill employment opportunities for Nonprofit HR’s clients.  Sophia is passionate about the professional development of new candidates and the growth of the Talent Acquisition Practice Area.

Sophia had a diverse professional background. She started her career as an investigator for the Attorney General of the State of Florida before transitioning to the human resources at the Department of Homeland Security. Later, her focus as a recruiter with the Public Defender Service (PDS) for the District of Columbia and D.C. Courts increased diversity within the agencies by expanding partnerships with 52 targeted educational institutions and associations. Her expertise includes establishing talent acquisition initiatives targeting diversity; designing interactive training methods; and administering payroll, benefits, and retirement.  Sophia has conducted career information sessions, served as a panelist and presenter at conferences, and participated in numerous career fairs as a Recruiter.

Sophia received her Bachelor of Science with the Florida State University in Psychology and Criminology.

Currently, Sophia serves as a volunteer with DC Public Schools within a non-profit organization that enriches young lives through entrepreneurship, health, mental wellness and life skill development. She holds certifications for Personal Training and Yoga Instruction.