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Culture was the #1 talent management priority for social impact organizations prior to recent COVID-19 developments. In fact, 74% of those who responded to Nonprofit HR’s fourth-annual talent management priorities survey indicated a high focus on engagement. Sixty-four percent selected culture management among the primary topics included in their talent management strategy/plans for the year. But for most businesses, including nonprofits, COVID-19 has changed everything! Still, your mission remains. Now more than ever, missions will need to rely on their people to maintain their impact during this unprecedented crisis. How you treat them and how you lead during this unpredictable process will reshape your culture. Your employees are watching, so get intentional about what and how you communicate through your policies, procedures, and priorities. If entrepreneurialism is one of your values, ensure your recent decisions empower your people to innovate. If transparency is valued, keep your entire workforce informed as decisions are made. If quality is a central value, account for quality control in your continuity plan. It all matters – even more so now. Not sure where to start? Listen and hear how mission-driven organizations can demonstrate their commitment to staff by:

  • Re-engaging leadership in upholding your organization’s shared values
  • Fostering a climate of engagement in the midst of uncertainty
  • Aligning your talent management decisions with established values
  • Communicating critical decisions and need-to-know information with your team in a way that builds unity


Lisa Brown Alexander
President & CEO
Nonprofit HR

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