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About A Wider Circle 

In 2001, Dr. Mark Bergel founded A Wider Circle with the mission of helping children and adults lift themselves out of poverty. His goal was to create an organization that would address the whole person with programs that would not only tend to people’s tangible needs but also to their inner needs.

With each passing year, A Wider Circle has become a larger and larger part of the solution to ending poverty. Today, we operate out of our 20,000 square-foot Center for Community Service, with our Center for Professional Development just 50 yards down the street in Silver Spring, Maryland. It is due to the energy and commitment of our staff members, interns, and volunteers that allows A Wider Circle to now furnish the homes of more than 15,000 children and adults each year and deliver educational programs to thousands of men, women, and children.

Management Associate

 Silver Spring, Maryland 


This is a position for an individual with a wide range of skills who is seeking to engage in a committed fashion to help eradicate poverty in this country. The Management Associate will work in myriad areas here, ranging from strategic planning to project support to outreach and marketing.

You will work directly with the leadership of the organization while helping with daily and long-term efforts.

More than any other consideration, it is important to see this as more than a job, similar to the way in which the most devoted Civil Rights leaders and members of the Women’s Suffrage Movement saw their missions and their daily work. Poverty is not seen regionally or nationally as the urgent crisis we know it is, and a major reason for the expansion we are now pursuing is to change this.



  1. Help with strategic planning and implementation, serving as a key member of the management team
  2. Support daily efforts to ensure operations and services are carried out in a professional and high-quality manner
  3. Bring creativity and innovation each day as we seek to build a movement where one has yet to take flight



  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  2. Ability to think expansively in every deliberation
  3. Desire to be a change agent in the movement to end poverty
  4. Demonstrated ability to commit to your work


We offer a generous individual benefits package, including health insurance, 401(k), voluntary benefits, and more.


Please send a resume and cover letter to ngray@nonprofithr.com.