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About the Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey

The 2017 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey is intended to provide a snapshot of current employment practices and discuss the economic trends and implications of employment practices in the nonprofit sector. This report, which has been produced annually by Nonprofit HR since 2007, includes responses from 420 nonprofits in the U.S. and Canada that serve as a representative sample of the makeup of the sector. In this year’s survey, as in years past, researchers collected information on nonprofit staffing, recruitment, and retention practices. The survey included a mix of multiple choice, rating scale, and short-answer questions to gain context on the current practices of nonprofit organizations and the employment trends they see in the nonprofit sector. The 2017 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey was produced with support from GuideStar and The Improve Group.

About Nonprofit HR

Nonprofit HR is the nation’s leading human resources firm that works exclusively with the nonprofit sector. Since 2000, the firm has provided human resources consulting, executive search and talent acquisition services for organizations supporting advocacy, health and human services, arts and culture, education, the environment, the faith community and more. Nonprofit HR has offices in Washington D.C. and Chicago.