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For a second consecutive year, Nonprofit HR sought input from social sector leaders, human resources practitioners, and talent management experts about their organization’s diversity practices. As the nation’s leading talent management capacity-building firm dedicated to meeting the workforce and culture needs of the social sector, we believe that there is deep value in empowering all social impact organizations to achieve their fullest potential through their people.

Diversity looks different for each organization. Over the years, Nonprofit HR has witnessed the impact diversity continues to have on missions. Nonprofit HR’s role and commitment is to continue collecting, documenting, and publishing current diversity practices for and about social sector organizations in North America with the intent to strengthen their impact on national and global economies.

What’s different about this year’s report? The renewed fight for social justice and racial equality, along with the unprecedented impacts organizations are experiencing as a result of COVID-19, has created a need to include questions that allowed us to collect data specific to this never-before-experienced set of crises.

Download this brand new report which includes our most current data on the diversity practices of nonprofits across North America. Included in the report you will learn about:

  • organizations with formal diversity statements and strategies
  • tips for strengthening your organization’s diversity statement
  • what organizations report as their greatest diversity challenges
  • diversity training tips
  • diversity metrics
  • and much more, including demographic data

The majority of nonprofits, regardless of size or mission-focus, will relate to the data, quotes, and stories shared in this report. The survey, administered and analyzed by our Knowledge Practice team, is one of several reports produced this year. Similar to the data from our other surveys, these findings will help nonprofits develop more comprehensive talent management practices.

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