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Name: Sam Cicotello
Title: Chief Learning Officer
Company: The Motley Fool
Session title: Shattering the Status Quo
Session date/time:  Monday, October 21
LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/samantha-cicotello/4/95a/856
Twitter: @Cicotello

Profile: Sam Moore Cicotello is the Chief Learning Officer and is responsible for all of The Motley Fool’s learning and development initiatives. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and product strategy and was shocked to find her passion in learning and leadership development. She embraces her marketing background in her current role and is constantly testing and learning within Fool U. She persistently encourages Fools to “try it” and “top it.” She was awarded the title of Chief Rabblerouser of the Highest Order by her peers in 2006 and still holds the coveted position. At the Motley Fool, Cicotello plays the role of professional boat rocker, envelope pusher and brain expander.

Join Sam Cicotello at the Nonprofit HR Conference as she talks about fostering a culture of innovation where HR takes the lead to strengthen your organization. She will share new “non-status quo” programs and ideas that will produce better HR metrics across the board for your organization. Her ideas and innovations will lower your insurance premiums; decrease absenteeism; increase productivity and employee engagement. Plus, Sam will show you how to get that elusive leadership buy-in for your new program ideas as well as the time, bandwidth and money.

See Sam in action below.

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