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 We get it – you’re receiving tons of Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates. So are we, and the good news is that we’re able to pass on a lot of this news to you and your leadership team!

The entire social impact talent management community plays a vital role in providing guidance, strategy and implementation support to their employees during periods of rapid change and uncertainty associated with COVID-19. To keep social sector leaders abreast of new developments and to share new resources and data, Nonprofit HR is has created a Coronavirus Digital Information Portal which provides access to resources and information specific to talent management.

Nonprofit HR Coronavirus Digital Information Portal

This new Digital Information Portal will be updated regularly and will provide you with strategies and tactics that align with best practices in human resources.

Access the Portal now to read Social Impact Organization Strategies and Planning.

Topics included in the article:

  • Partnering with HR
  • HR, Legal and Compliance Policies and Practices
  • Minimizing Risk of Infection in the Workplace
  • Revisiting Talent Sustainability & Business Continuity Plans
  • Developing an Employee Communications Plan

Ideally, there will be little-to-no crisis in your organization’s workplace; however, by preparing now, you will be ready to take the necessary action.

Access more Coronavirus-resources – visit our COVID-19 Digital Information Center!

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