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As the Nonprofit Workforce Shortage crisis continues and hiring has become more competitive, many nonprofits are searching for innovative ways to recruit, develop, and retain talent.

More than likely, you are noticing that employers are sharing creative and compelling advertising campaigns to attract new employees, and you may be wondering how you can do the same for your nonprofit. After all, your organization has a great mission and culture that many professionals would enjoy being a part of.

These savvy employers do not depend on job postings alone, but utilize social media, online advertising, and even strategic partnerships to reach a greater audience.

The types of campaigns I am referring to are among several ways employers attract job seekers, and your organization could be one step away from creating compelling advertising campaigns as well. That process begins by understanding employer branding.

Jobseekers can fall into two categories – active and passive. Active jobseekers are proactively looking for their next employment opportunity. Passive jobseekers are not actively looking but may entertain a conversation. In both instances, your career campaigns need to capture and maintain jobseekers’ attention long enough for them to click and apply. This is especially true if your organization’s strategic plan depends on increasing your workforce.

Enter employer branding, which is a set of human resources and marketing activities that raise awareness about pertinent aspects of positive employee experiences – from application, throughout their tenure, and ultimately, their departure from the organization. The entire journey experienced by an employee is “brandable.” In this article, I further explain what employer branding is and share tips on how nonprofits can jumpstart or further amplify this mission-critical function through strategic communication. Read full story.

Atokatha Ashmond Brew brings over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and promoting data-driven marketing best practices across the full range of marketing and communications for nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Her most recent role, prior to Nonprofit HR, was as Senior Director, Marketing & Digital Community Engagement with the International Economic Development Council. Atokatha is the former CEO for Brandbuilder, a communication and marketing firm, has also worked with ICMA, Smithsonian Institution, Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. and several other social-impact organizations. Read Atokatha’s full bio.

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