• Why does Nonprofit HR only work with nonprofits?

    Nonprofit HR’s Founder, President and CEO, Lisa Brown Alexander, had a vision more than 17 years ago where she realized that the nonprofit sector did not have access to human resources support, but yet the work they do and the communities they serve impact all of us. Recognizing the nuances and differences between for-profit and nonprofit human resources, today Lisa continues to believe that when nonprofits strengthen their internal capacity, they can better deliver on their missions.

  • Is Nonprofit HR a nonprofit?

    No. Nonprofit HR is a for-profit human resources and talent acquisition consulting firm that works exclusively with the nonprofit sector.

  • What is different with respect to HR for nonprofits versus for-profits?

    Nonprofits are different from for-profits as it relates to budgetary concerns, having to do more work with a smaller staff, competing priorities, and working with and for vulnerable populations. The core of any nonprofit is its mission, and HR, along with the organization’s leaders have a pivotal role in keeping the mission “alive”. The job description for any employee of a for-profit is to make money for the company. This is not so for the nonprofit employee. Nonprofits need to have job descriptions, procedure manuals and employee handbooks that describe more than the technicalities of the job. They need to paint a picture of the organization’s mission, vision, and values and the employee’s place within it all. Nonprofits are mission-based, so the HR and recruitment efforts also need to be mission-based.

  • What kinds of HR services do you provide?

    We do everything HR-related including (but not limited to) benefits administration, recruiting/talent acquisition, compensation studies, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures, performance management, training workshops and much more!

  • What types of organizations use Nonprofit HR's services?

    We do everything HR-related including (but not limited to) benefits administration, recruiting/talent acquisition, compensation studies, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures, performance management, training workshops and much more! The organizations that use our services are quite broad in scope and comprise various backgrounds such as environmental issues, human services, healthcare, arts and culture, children, community development, human rights, public policy/government reform, economic development and finance, trade and membership associations, international relations, education, faith-based organizations, poverty/homelessness alleviation and more. We work with both smaller local nonprofits and larger nonprofits across the country. Some smaller nonprofits whose budgets may not align well with on-site HR support can take advantage of our virtual HR Co-Op service.


  • What does the HR Co-Op do and what size organization would they be able to support?

    The HR Cooperative offers full-service virtual HR support to smaller organizations with 50 employees or less. As a client in the Co-Op, you can choose an hourly package as few as 5 hours a month or as many as 100 hours per month. We are able to work with clients from across the United States because our entire business model is virtual. All work is managed via phone, video conferences, email, and shared filing systems. We also have an On-Demand option in which client can pay an hourly fee based on whenever they use our services rather than a monthly retainer fee.

  • Do you work with organizations outside of the Washington DC metropolitan area?

    For talent acquisition, our team members are located in Washington DC, but we are able to provide temporary/temp-to-hire staffing support in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois and New York. We are able to provide direct hire/permanent placement support anywhere in the United States.

    For HR consulting, our team members are located in Washington DC, Chicago, and upstate New York, but we have provided HR support to clients all around the United States including California, Florida, Texas and Louisiana.

  • Where can I submit my resume on your website?

    You can see a list of available job opportunities on our careers page. You can either apply directly to one of them or simply submit your resume by clicking one of the “Upload Resume” buttons on the right side of the screen or further down on the page.

  • Do you only staff HR positions with nonprofits?

    No. We staff positions at all professional levels for a wide variety of career fields such as human resources, accounting, administrative and executive support, reception, writing and editing, program support, IT, fundraising and development, communications/marketing/social media, grant writing and management, event/meeting/conference management, policy analysis, research and more.

  • How do I request temporary support?

    You can request temporary support three ways:

    1. Contact us by filling out  our informational form. In the “I am interested in…” drop-down box, please make sure to choose the option “Talent Acquisition Services” and describe your staffing need in the comments section before submitting.
    2. Call our main number and ask to speak with a member of our Talent Acquisition team, (202) 785-2060.
    3. Contact a member of our Talent Acquisition team through e-mail.