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Whether you call it fear, habit, procrastination, overwhelm, or analysis paralysis, so often so many of us feel stuck. Stuck in old behavior, stuck in a job or a relationship, stuck on a project that we can’t seem to complete. And the feelings of “stuckness” only seem to keep us more stuck. And more stuck — to the point where we find it hard to move forward, beyond, or away. We’ve worked with clients over the years to help them move away from “stuckness” and have found five simple steps that free your mind and move you towards results. Five steps that can be easy to grasp, yet potentially difficult to apply.

To get unstuck it often takes a willingness to see things differently, or a determination to stop the endless ruminations in your mind. It takes the ability, at times, to just do something, anything…or at times it takes the ability to do nothing and to simply stop trying, which is often harder. But again, all these approaches are, at times, easier said then done. So in order to get unstuck you need support and accountability. Someone(s) to call you on your promises and make sure you achieve.

You may recognize the symptoms of “stuckness” in yourself, or in your organization or team — the resistance to change, difficulty focusing, and love of our own comfort zones. The inability to make decisions (or stick with decisions). “Stuckness” is all too common and all around us — perhaps it’s a result of the endless and overwhelming streams of information that threaten to bury us, or perhaps staying stuck is simply a compilation of bad habits and approaches. Whatever the cause, these five steps, which we’ll share about further in our Professional Development session on Tuesday, October 9th at 2:15pm, can help you help yourself and your organization get unstuck:

  • Clear your mind
  • Ask questions
  • Move to unstuck
  • Get support
  • Take action

Come join Lisa and Robyn at the Nonprofit Human Resources Conference on Tuesday, October 9th at 2:15pm and gain practical tools and ideas to help you get unstuck and move forward toward breakthrough results.

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