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ericka-hinesName: Ericka Hines
Title: Principal
Company: Social Change Diva
Session title: Fostering Sustainable Organizational Innovation with Intrapreneurs
Session date/time:  Monday, October 21 – 11:00 AM
LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/erickahines
Twitter: @socialchngediva

Profile: Ericka is a former lawyer turned facilitator, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. Ericka Hines runs Social Change Diva, a minority, woman-owned leadership development firm. She works with individuals, socially conscious companies and non-profit organizations that want to “step into their leadership” in order to move their mission forward.

Ericka specializes in curriculum development, training design, facilitation and has extensive experience designing and directing leadership development trainings.  She serves a variety of roles including strategist, experienced presenter, knowledgeable curriculum designer and a skilled discussion leader.  Her audiences range from high school students to seasoned professionals.  To date, she has trained over 1000 individuals.

Ericka has extensive facilitation experience running all types of meetings and designing discussion strategies for workshops, retreats and group discussions. She works closely with her clients to create workshops and trainings that incorporate both clear programs and engaging discussion styles.  Her programs are interactive, subject focused and run on time.

Ericka has a Juris Doctor from the University Of Georgia School Of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Wright State University.  In her 15+ years of DC based work experience, Ericka has found that she brings each of the same elements–observing, teaching, connecting and empowering individuals and organizations to move forward– to every position that she has held.

At the Nonprofit HR Conference, Ericka will present on intrapreneurship. Although the concept of intrapreneurship is not new, it is now being applied to doing mission-based work. Social intrapreneurs are employees that are finding innovative ways to align organizational objectives with societal needs. In this workshop, we will explore why nonprofit organizations should explore social intrapreneurship. Specifically, we will share what are the major benefits that social intrapreneurs offer nonprofits; how to spotlight existing intrapreneurs in your organization; why nurturing them is a good thing; and how to pick intrapreneurs in the hiring process.

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