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patrick-byersName: Patrick Byers
Title: President
Company: Outsource Marketing
Session title: Personal Positioning: Marketing Yourself in a Brand-Oriented World
Session date/time: Monday, October 21 – 8:00 AM
LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickbyers
Twitter: @patrickbyers

Profile: Patrick Byers’ experience in hiring, managing and coordinating a bevy of biased and uncoordinated marketing firms led to the formation of Outsource Marketing . . . a company that seamlessly delivers coordinated, discipline-neutral marketing.

As an instructor, mentor and in-demand speaker, Patrick is an advocate of marketing education on all levels. He’s a Responsible Marketing Evangelist and blogger, so it makes sense that irresponsible marketing like Bumvertising seriously bums him out (no pun intended).

At the Conference, Patrick will present on personal career development. Successful companies and brands have marketing plans. Have you created the marketing plan for You, Inc.? In today’s uncertain business climate, it is vital that you manage your career proactively.  That means controlling your personal brand. Join this session and obtain tools to help you think more intentionally about how to apply a business marketing approach to give your personal brand greater focus and direction.

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