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If you have recently conducted a job search or tried to fill an open position, you are probably aware of the reputedly fast and easy technology that has become available to recruiters and jobseekers. Even if you haven’t, you have likely seen or heard advertisements for such websites as yourcityhelpwanted.com or Monster.com. Now, there’s even an app for that.  This trend begs the question, though, of whether new technologies really make hunting for jobs or candidates any faster or easier.

In an article for StaffingTalk, Kinzy Janssen described the shift: “A single tweet now carries the same weight as a meticulous resume and cover letter. Instead of a resume that looks like a resume, submit a candy bar wrapper. Throw the old rules away. Streamline the job search with the tap of a touchscreen.”

It’s no wonder that recent college grads and other jobseekers are overwhelmed and baffled by the prospect of getting into the workforce. The rules are ever-changing and contradictory. One expert will recommend making your resume as unique and eye-catching as possible, while another will suggest going the conservative route to please a likely-old-school employer. And when it comes down to it, most anyone will tell you that unless you have or make a personal connection with the person doing the hiring, you are unlikely to get so much as a phone call. At the end of the day, the true question remains: what is the most streamlined and effective strategy for matching qualified candidates with prospective employers?

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