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The world has significantly changed over the past two years, including a massive shift to flexible schedules and working remotely. Therefore, how we evaluate performance and support professional development must shift as well. When managers provide consistent feedback, research shows that employees are three times more likely to be engaged. Beyond using feedback for employee surveys, sharing challenges or documenting annual performance reviews, leaders can implement a continuous feedback process that uses that information to discover needs in real time and where to invest more. If put in a proper framework in any organization, continuous feedback will lead to optimized performance and more engaged employees, building a culture of high performance.

Access the recording and learn how to support your leaders in becoming more effective when delivering and receiving feedback to support their people in an ever-evolving work environment.

You will leave this webinar understanding how to:

  • Determine if your current feedback process is working
  • Shift from a traditional, singular event-driven performance management process to a continuous feedback model using proven strategies
  • Address the gap between the skills employees have and the skills employees need
  • Strengthen your leaders’ ability to give and receive feedback through effective training

Jennifer Morgan, PHR
Consultant, Outsourcing

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