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Russell Reynolds wants to clear the air about what a search firm can cannot do for your career. 

“For those being recruited, it’s equally essential to understand what executive search is — and is not. If knowledge is power, then the more you know about the process, the more influence you will have in managing it as a candidate, and coming out on top in your dealings with an executive recruiter. For example, candidates need to remember that the recruiter is working for the client, not them. Search firms are not employment agencies; they do not find positions for candidates, nor do they counsel candidates on their career goals or management skills, although they have the ability to do so.

That said, candidates can clearly benefit from working with a respected firm that is retained by a client organization. They can expect confidentiality, professional treatment, and full disclosure about the client and position in order to make an informed decision. Also, besides access to a hidden job market (since retained searches are rarely advertised), candidates can count on receiving advantageous positioning. Even if a candidate does not receive an offer, the recruitment provides experience and contacts.”


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