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Emily Holthaus to Lead DEI Consulting Practice for Social Impact Organizations

Nonprofit HR has announced that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) expert, Emily Holthaus, will lead its new DEI practice as Managing Director to support increased demand nonprofits have for creating more equitable talent management practices and workplaces. Holthaus brings a wealth of DEI-specific expertise. Emily is known for collaborating with organizations to design organizational strategy and implement solutions toward the outcomes of greater equity, inclusion and human capital engagement in both physical and virtual environments.

The decision to increase our DEI consulting capacity is on target with the firm’s 2021-2024 strategic plan which factored in a significant growth in demand based on our 2019 Nonprofit Diversity Practices Survey findings. We anticipated that we would provide more services to social sector organizations. However, the impact from global protests in response to George Floyd’s murder created a renewed sense or urgency and immediacy for our firm and the organizations that we serve. Nonprofit HR is committed to thought-partnering with nonprofits, associations, philanthropy and other social impact organizations to be more equitable places of work and Emily Holthaus’ expertise and leadership are vital to this new and incredibly important function.” – Lisa Brown Alexander, CEO, Nonprofit HR

Holthaus, whose new role begins August 3, will also help the firm take advantage of opportunities to expand its consulting capacity. Also joining Nonprofit HR’s DEI Consulting practice is Antonio Cortes, PhD, who will serve as Senior Consultant for the practice. Cortes’ most recent role was Specialist, Business Planning, Collaboration and Sustainability for YMCA. Cortes brings a wealth of experience scaling mission-focused programs across complex organizations. His unique concentration on using business models to advance organizational sustainability helps to develop organizational cultures that are more inclusive and equity-focused.

Holthaus and Cortes, prior to joining Nonprofit HR, have partnered on a variety of equity-focused projects.

In Emily Holthaus’ Own Words:

I could not be more honored to join the consulting team at Nonprofit HR! Alongside the firm’s Leadership Team, we will continue to scale our ability to meet the needs of organizations across the nation. My ultimate objective for Nonprofit HR’s DEI Consulting practice is not only to design consulting solutions but also resources, knowledge and tools that will elevate more equitable and inclusive practices throughout the sector, making it easier for managers and staff to experience the very best that their organizations have to offer. I look forward to leveraging Dr. Cortes’ expertise throughout our work and contributing to Nonprofit HR’s rich, 20-year legacy!

Take a few moments to visit our DEI practice page on our website. You’ll find ways that we are available to immediately partner with your organization to strengthen your DEI efforts.

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Nonprofit HR’s in-house talent management leaders provide expert-level thought partnership aimed at helping mission-driven organizations challenge their thinking, change their paradigms, assumptions and actions, and provoke them to innovate in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion in a way that recognizes the unique internal and external factors impacting their organizations. Learn more about the practice at nonprofithr.com/deipractice

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