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Joe Gerstandt, a 2012 NHRC keynote speaker, is tired of being asked to prove to organizations that D&I is good stuff.

Money quote,

“If you do not believe that D & I are valid issues or worthy of some amount of sincere consideration in your organization, then carry on. I think that you should go act accordingly. I have no interest in trying to convince you otherwise. I am not interested in survival; I am interested in working with groups of people that want to make amazing things happen.

Some organizations think organizational culture is not a real thing. Peace out. Some organizations think Human Resources should be outsourced. Best wishes. Some organizations think collaboration is a fad. Happy travels. Some organizations think that D & I is just a feel-good thing. May the force be with you.

If you are in need of greater clarity of what the specific ‘business case’ for training is, or recruiting or culture change, I get that. There is room for plenty of inquiry and disagreement about the specific approaches and their respective value. But when you are confused as to whether or not there is a business case for diversity and inclusion in general, then you are living in a very different world than I am. You and I are going to different places.”

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