Nonprofit HR is proud to serve the greater Washington, D.C. metro area, in which some 49,911 nonprofit organizations employ over 589,000 professionals. We recognize that the region’s nonprofit sector is a top economic driver, boasting revenue of $125 billion annually and $293 billion in assets. With this in mind, we aim to strengthen the sector by helping nonprofits maximize the power of their people in service to a broad variety of missions. Nonprofit HR has clients in four of the top five largest nonprofit subsectors. Our Washington, D.C. clients include educational institutions, health organizations, business and community development organizations and human service organizations.

Are your people ready for the journey your organization is taking to greater impact? Power your mission with customized HR solutions. Fueled by the passion of over 100 employees and consultants nationwide, Nonprofit HR is helping many of the nation’s social impact organizations get ahead through smart people management strategies. In the process, we are changing the way an entire sector thinks about talent and culture.

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Featured Case Studies

Watch an example of how Nonprofit HR partnered with a Maryland-based health and nutrition advocacy nonprofit to find a virtual workplace solution.

A Maryland-based health and nutrition advocacy nonprofit wanted to virtualize but still had many years left on their lease. The Nonprofit HR client conducted a return-to-workplace staff survey and the results indicated that most staff wanted to remain remote or shift to a hybrid model. The CEO wanted to accommodate staff, however, there were costs for continuing to rent office space that would go unused.

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See how we assisted a Washington, D.C. consulting and professional services firm transition to fully remote work.

A Washington, D.C.-based consulting and professional services organization transitioned to fully remote work, shifting its culture-building and employee engagement initiatives to a virtual setting. Through the now fully virtual events, the organization aspired to garner the same level of connection as the previous in-person gatherings.

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Nonprofit HR’s Sector-Specific Talent Management Data Insights for the Washington, DC Metro Area

Nonprofit HR’s work is informed by sector-specific data, which we have consistently collected for over a decade. The below offers insights on talent management trends for Washington, D.C. area-based nonprofit organizations.

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To learn more about the work we are doing with social enterprises, click here. Nonprofit HR also offers customized trainings, research, knowledge and events, all with the objective of strengthening the people management capacity of your workforce.