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Here’s what another recent Town Hall attendee had to say: 

“The presentation made me think about how well my organization is communicating with us during this crisis and how well we are encouraging employees to engage in self-care.”


GRIEF, TRAUMA & DEPRESSION DURING A CRISIS: How it Shows Up in Your Workforce, How to Manage It!

Date: Monday, April 27, 2020
Time: 12-1:15PM, ET
Fee: Free, but registration is required

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our reality. Some among your workforce may be finding healthy ways to cope with concerns about their health, safety and jobs, while others may be experiencing grief, either due to the loss of a friend, loved one, co-worker, or death toll stories they are reading about. As employee grief continues to manifest itself in the workplace, leaders and HR professionals are faced with how to manage this among their staff.

Register now for this panel discussion to better understand signs of grief, trauma and depression among your workforce during a crisis and how they can impact the achievement of your nonprofit’s mission.  Gain insight into how you as an HR or organizational leader can help your employees cope during this difficult time.  Learn how to better manage related performance issues, recommend helpful resources, and help build resiliency in your staff.  Increasing understanding of these issues and developing a strategy to address them as we prepare for our “new normal” are an important part of your talent management strategy in these unprecedented times. Register now for this COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall.

Live attendees receive 1 SHRM and 1 HRCI (Business) recertification credit after the event!



Lisa Brown Alexander
President and CEO
Nonprofit HR

If an organization can strengthen its internal talent capacity, it can better serve the community and those in need.” That is Lisa Brown Alexander’s mantra, and she has been beating the drum for it for over 20 years! Driven to serve the often-overlooked human resources needs for the social-impact sector, Lisa set out to build a market where one didn’t exist. She founded Nonprofit HR, the leading talent management firm in the country that works exclusively with the nonprofit sector. Today, fueled by the passion of 50-plus employees and consultants nationwide, the thriving company is helping many of the nation’s most prominent nonprofit organizations get ahead through smart people management strategies. In the process, they’re changing the way an entire sector thinks about talent and culture.

Lisa has inspired Nonprofit HR to become a force which thousands of nonprofit and talent management leaders look to for consulting services, thought partnership, sector-specific hiring and executive search needs, professional development and information. Lisa’s leadership and the work of her firm have proven that better talent practices can play an integral role in nonprofit success. Nonprofits have benefited from her wealth of knowledge and experience to make their people-driven initiatives successful. Lisa’s goal is to ensure that every Nonprofit HR engagement inspires social sector leaders to strengthen their most important asset: their people. See Lisa’s full bio!


Lisa Dinhofer
President & Crisis Tamer
Koden Consulting Services, LLC.

Lisa Dinhofer, MA, CT works with subject matter and circumstances most people turn away from. She mentors companies past traumatic and destabilizing events, workplace abuse and disastrous communications to regain stability, establish a new normal and build resilience. Lisa was an employee at the World Trade Center during the 1993 bombing and was still working in NYC during 9/11. She draws from those first hand experiences of workplace trauma and lessons learned from other workplace tragedies.

Lisa’s work addresses issues that EAP’s, risk management and business continuity services don’t following disruptive events that impact retention of key talent and organizational longevity. She is a certified Thanatologist with a sub-specialty in trauma, trained counselor, trained mediator, and a crisis communication specialist with 18+ years of professional experience training, consulting, coaching, debriefing and public speaking. Lisa’s areas of expertise include: unexpected/traumatic disruption | active shooter and employee violence | workplace grief from death and non-death losses | trust building, target and ‘upstander’ training following bullying and sexual harassment | burnout and resilience building | mergers & RIF aftermath issues | scandal | employee termination and other difficult conversations. See Lisa’s full bio!


Christine Allen, Ph.D.
President & Workplace Psychologist/Executive Coach
Insight Business Works

Dr. Christine Allen has been providing executive coaching, team building, talent selection and assessment, and other training to senior leaders since 2009. With 20 years previous experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Allen is an excellent listener who quickly grasps the underlying issues with which individuals and teams struggle.

She helps leaders and teams identify needs, discover and use strengths, and accept and utilize feedback. She excels at improving communication within teams, and she specializes in helping leaders develop executive presence, emotional intelligence and resilience. As a licensed psychologist, she is particularly skilled in using assessments for hiring, selection and development.Her home base is in Syracuse, New York. See more about Dr. Allen!


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