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Download a brand new report which includes never before compiled data about diversity practices of social impact organizations across North America. Included in the report you will learn about organizations that have.

  • a formal diversity statement and strategy
  • tips for strengthening your organization’s diversity statement
  • what organizations report as their greatest diversity challenges
  • diversity training tips
  • diversity metrics
  • and much more, including demographic data

Survey Respondent Data Sneak Peek:

  • Only 52% have a formal diversity statement.
  • Only 31% have a diversity strategy.
  • Only 22% have a person solely responsible for diversity efforts. See all data now.

The survey, administered and analyzed by our Knowledge Practice team, is one of several reports produced this year. Similar to the data from our other 2019 surveys, these findings will help nonprofits develop more comprehensive talent management practices.

Key Report Features:

  • 2019 Social Sector Diversity Practices Survey Overview Data
  • Defining Diversity in Organizations
  • Diversity Statements and Strategies
  • Why Pay Attention to Race in Organizations
  • Driving Diversity and Metrics
  • Who’s Leading Diversity in Organizations
  • Greatest Diversity Challenges in Organizations
  • Expanding Diversity Talent Pools
  • Survey Participate Demographic Data

See the full report – access it now!

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